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Busted / Dark / Cracked Screens

Broken Laptop Screen
Has your laptop screen started getting darker? Does your laptop have a cracked or busted screen? You no longer need to think that your laptop is disposable. We specialize in laptop repair down to a component level, including your screen. All laptop repairs are done right in our Mobile computer repair...
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Virus & Malware Removal

Virus Removal Service
Is your desktop PC, laptop or netbook running slow…giving you error messages…getting pop-up messages? Chances are you are infected with malware or viruses that are compromising your data and causing a corruption to the operating system. Our dedicated servers are ready to do a data recovery of files that may...
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Forgotten Password Removal

Non-Destructive Password Removal
Locking yourself out of your desktop PC, laptop, netbook or tablet with a forgotten password is now a thing of the past. We are able to remove that pesky password that has had you unable to access your data or important documents. We can also help you set it back...
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Insurance Affidavits

Insurance Affidavit
Our beautiful Gulf Coast is no stranger to the threats of nature. Having to face hurricane season, flooding from excessive rains, house floods from pipe damage, lightning damage, power surges and house fires, leaves our community vulnerable and in need of submitting insurance claims to repair our damaged electronic equipment....
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File Recovery Services

File Recovery Service
We all have important information stored on our desktop computers, laptops, netbooks and external hard drives. Often we are faced with not being able to access the data due to no fault of our own. Allow The Computer Crew to put your mind at ease. The Computer Crew offers file...
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