File Recovery Services

File Recovery Service

We all have important information stored on our desktop computers, laptops, netbooks and external hard drives. Often we are faced with not being able to access the data due to no fault of our own. Allow The Computer Crew to put your mind at ease. The Computer Crew offers file recovery services for both Windows and Macintosh computers. In most cases, that data can be recovered and saved much faster than mail to depot services. Although we are local, we use the same advanced technology to recovery data.

We have a dedicated recovery servers for the most advanced file recovery. Our experienced and qualified technicians have been trained on proper techniques to retrieve your files. We service flash drives, internal or external hard drive, Sandisk media storage card, Solid State Disk and photo storage devices. Our recovery technicians can help you get back your lost pictures, music, documents and program data.

Data can often be compromised by hardware failure. This can include corruption to important Windows files or viruses attacking the operating system. Many small business organizations use software for accounting such as QuickBooks or Peachtree. Schedule programs are also popular and unique to their “field” of business. Oftentimes businesses use software which has data that is input into the program to help keep track of their business growth and sales. We are able to search out and recover these files. This is accomplished by utilizing advanced file recovery technology. Our techs also have years of skills of performing file recovery for other businesses.

We offer alternate methods of data protection. Meet with one of our team members to discuss your options.