Busted / Dark / Cracked Screens

Broken Laptop Screen

Has your laptop screen started getting darker? Does your laptop have a cracked or busted screen? You no longer need to think that your laptop is disposable. We specialize in laptop repair down to a component level, including your screen. All laptop repairs are done right in our Mobile computer repair store.

When you are experiencing a change in the brightness of your screen, let us diagnose your issue and advise you on the needed laptop repair. Our trained technicians are highly skilled in laptop screen repair. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to see what is on your laptop screen.

Often times, you may not realize how fragile your laptop screen is. Laptop screens can get busted or cracked with just a slight amount of pressure applied to it. Many people use their laptops for work or school and may not realize that they left a pen or pencil inside of it when they rush to close it and shove it in their bags to get to their next appointment or class. By the time they go to open it again, the damage to the laptop screen has already been done. Bring your laptop in for a repair quote today! We may have your replacement part in stock!