Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery – Losing critical data can have devastating effects on the financial, legal, and productivity aspects of your business. A staggering 60% of all businesses that have suffered catastrophic data loss never fully recover. Let us help you recover from disaster and prevent your business from becoming a statistic! Whether you’ve lost your data due to accidental deletion, damage caused by a power surge, corruption brought on by a virus or worm, the “formatting” or “fdisking” of your hard drive, or even an entire system crash, we can get your valuable data back. The types of data we can help you recover include email, documents, spreadsheets, system files, databases, and more. We can also recover data from CD and DVD media, memory cards, and other portable devices.

Secure Online Data Backup – How safe is your critical data? Unexpected catastrophes like hard disk failure, accidental file deletion, virus infection, fire, and theft happen frequently to businesses every day. It is absolutely essential that your business performs backups of all your critical data to protect your business in case the unimaginable occurs. Protect your data with our Secure Online Data Backup Service!

Secure Data Deletion – Don’t get caught giving away your business data! If you are selling, donating, or otherwise getting rid of your organizations old computers (or even just upgrading the hard drive), you should ensure that all your sensitive business data is securely erased. Deleting files, or even formatting the entire hard drive, does NOT actually remove the data from your drive. All your old email, letters, pictures, tax information, passwords, HR documents, financial records and more still exist on the drive. With a little
know-how these files are easily recoverable, which can lead to identity theft and legal liabilities. With our secure data deletion service we can wipe your organizations hard drives to DOD standards, or even just a few files or folders, so that the data is completely destroyed with absolutely no possibility of it being recovered. We can also provide Certificates of Destruction for these services.

One-Time Data Backup – Protect your business data with our data backup service that includes the transfer of all your critical files to CD or DVD media. We can also back up to
dockable hard drives and external USB hard drives.

Data Migration – Is your business looking to upgrade to new computers? If so, you’ll need to transfer the data from your old computers to your new computers. With our data migration service we can help you do just that.

Data Recovery Strategies and Disaster Planning – Have you ever worried about what would happen if your business suddenly lost all of its data? Would you be able to recover? Don’t become part of the 60% of businesses that are unable to recuperate from
catastrophic data loss. Let us help you plan for, and be able to recover from, the worst.