Netbook Repairs

Laptop Repairs

Netbook repairs are possible! Repairing a netbook is a little more time intensive than a standard laptop and require a qualified, experienced technician. We can diagnose and repair your netbook back to its original condition.

Hardware can be more difficult to access on a netbook. Some netbooks have an integrated hard drive, which means that it can’t be removed. Netbooks lack some of the key components that a laptop will have, such as an optical drive. Cracked or damaged netbooks screens can be replaced and make your netbook as good as new. If your power jack is damaged or broken, no problem! We can perform the same component level repairs to your netbook as we can to your laptop.

Software on a netbook is unique and there are many variations to the operating system. Performing software repairs on a netbook require a qualified technician to complete. Data can be compromised on a netbook just like it can on any other device. The netbook may be running slow or getting error messages for several reasons. The most common reasons are corruption to the operating system or it may be infected. We are able to correct your software related problems with ease while maintaining the integrity of your data.