MDU & Apartment Wifi Hotspots

MDU Wireless Networking

Our Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) Internet WiFi installation and maintenance covers the entire Gulf Coast region. This type of installation includes apartments, condos, hotels, motels, extended stays, and even restaurant and retail.

Internet service is 100% fiber optic distributed or long range wireless distributed to outlying buildings. This provides stable internet service with capabilities of wired and wireless access. All equipment can be remotely controlled and monitored 24 hours a day.

Internet hardwired outlets can be ran using attic/crawlspace areas. If no attic space is available, outlets can be installed at exterior walls with weatherproof conduit. This has been done on structures of multiple stories with great success.

We can also install Wi-Fi hotspot nodes to service apartments and also at community areas such as the pool, tennis court, or picnic areas. This type of “node” installation requires very minimal wiring and provides stable, consistent service to your customers.

Our technical design team would collect specifics on number of buildings, number of rooms that will have service, as well as a map of the property with distance scale. We take care of all phases of the project, from running cabling to installation of the data room and deployment. Call us today for a free analysis!