Desktop Repairs

Desktop Repair

Desktop repairs are generally completed within a 24 to 48 hour time frame. We are able to perform diagnostic testing on the desktop computer, determine whether the problem is hardware or software related and what the most efficient route for repair will be, very quickly. All repairs are performed at our store in Mobile Alabama.

Hardware repairs for a desktop PC can be related to a recent power surge or fluctuation, as well as, age or frequency of use of the the device. Power surge damage can affect more than one hardware component on a desktop computer. Hardware components include, but not limited to: motherboard, hard drive, optical drive, power supply, memory, ethernet or dial up modem. Luckily, on a desktop PC, most of these components are readily available in our Mobile AL store.

Software repairs for a desktop PC may be needed if the computer is running slow, has a virus or getting error messages. Some types of software require a unique set of numbers and letters to install, called a product key. This product key allows for proper installation of the software onto the PC. Password removal is a software related problem and is able to be corrected. Preservation of your data is very important to us. Disinfecting your data during the repair is one of the many benefits of our service to you while performing a software related repair.